Lead Poisoning, a Result of Improper Home Renovation

We might not be knowledgeable about it, but our house contains huge amounts of lead. Most of the homes that were built by our ancestors contained paint made of lead.

And when we talk about lead, we think about lead poisoning. Thus, renovating your home without considering this fact will lead to serious consequences.

One of these consequences includes lead poisoning. Of course, it doesn’t only affect the ones who are doing the home renovation. Sometimes, people aren’t even aware that they’re poisoning themselves by living in a renovated home that was exposed to lead-based products.

However, the good news is that there are ways to avoid suffering from lead poisoning, which is by knowing where it comes from.Here’s a look at the different ways to avoid lead poisoning.

Lead Paint Testing

Paint products have a high chance of containing lead. So, test it first before applying it to your house in your remodelling plan.

Carpet Removal

Carpets are often exposed to lead right after the home remodelling process. So, make sure to get rid of your carpets before settling into your newly-renovated house.

Doorsand Windows Replacements

Just like carpets, doors and windows may have also been exposed to lead-based paint. So, make sure to replace them immediately.

Lead Contaminated Soil

Lead paint may have gotten into the soil that your house is standing in. Make sure to clear all the soil that can be potentially exposed to lead paint you used for your home renovations.

There are many ways for people living in a house to be exposed to lead. That’s why it is important to know where it comes from and how you can get rid of it.

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